I’m really not sure about Twitter, or about this micor-blogging thing in general. As I reflected before, in relation to Dopplr, maybe it’s me, not the application, that’s not quite right. I’m not the only one with reservations – just in the last two days I’ve read interesting reflections on controlling the Twitter or other ‘lifestreams’, here and here. Part of the issue is the sheer volume of, er tweets, and other crap that comes hurtling through the streams from these micro-blogging devices. As if anyone is really interested….

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So here’s a thought. First, since sleep is, by definition a time of minimal activity, a microblogging tool maximised to captured nocturnal activities is going to be less taxiing on the reader and writer. Second, dreams about other people are, at least in my own experience, a good nudge to drop them an email with a cursory overview of your circadian creativity. So, ladies and gentlemen, what about Zzzr. A micro-blogging platform that is designed to captured nothing but your dreams, or dreams about people in your network. Instead of ‘watchers’ –  ‘sleepers’. In the place of ‘tweets’ – ‘snores’. Oh, and of course I dropped the ‘e’ to raise the attention of passing VCs.