My sister in law recently remarked, on visiting our local town in Ireland, that it must be easy to save money living here since there is nothing to buy. She is, as they say here, nearly right. A trip to the local hardware shop is about it. Or perhaps to the butcher who gives the kids a free lolly. That really is about it. So mail order is the name of the game. I subscribed to the John Eliot Gardiner’s Bach Cantata series last year. Every so often the credit card gets debited and I get a beautifully packaged CD in the post. I’ve received 14 so far, I think the whole venture will cost me at least £1000 but spread out over time I barely notice the hit and they are all beautifully produced, musically and artistically.


If only the folk at Now that’s what I call music had established the same system back in 1983 I’d have my Now 65 in my car driving home tonight. Then again, perhaps not.