I’m always more than a little wary of ‘trends predictions’ in whatever form they manifest themselves – be it in Saturday supplements or marketing companies. But this piece from JWT Intelligence looks interesting and some of the predictions for 2010 seem pretty accurate so perhaps it’s worth a second look. Almost any prediction, phrased in a cautious way (i.e., without specifics on date or data), is likely to be right in some sense or at some point in time – even a stopped clock is tells the right time twice a day – and a future trend is likely to be something that is just maerginal right now so it’s always about looking in the right places, often enough. As William Gibson over-quoted “the future’s already here….” captures well.

Anyway let’s see if Beer Sommeliers, 3D Printing, virtual mirrors, and, er, Piers Morgan come to pass in 2011 as Wikileaks, Foursquare and Crowdfunding did in 2010.