Of course I don’t read The Telegraph and I woudn’t expect you to either, so here’s a excerpt from the Peterborough colum. It appears that usability is the coin of realm, even when you are queen of the realm

"I reported last week that the Queen had finally caught up with 21st century technology and started using email (by dictating messages to a secretary, of course). But perhaps those of us who thought Her Majesty was something of a gadget-sceptic Luddite should reconsider.

Howard Stringer – who became chief executive officer of Sony in 2005 – has recounted a conversation he once had at a luncheon with the Queen. In an interview with Design Council Magazine, Stringer discloses that Her Majesty "struggled" with certain Sony products.

"I have a lot of trouble with your remote controls," Stringer says the Queen told him. "Too many arrows."