I am an experienced and accomplished keynote speaker. Beyond talks on the ideas explored in my book I have delivered entertaining and provocative talks on anthropology, ethnography and innovation at a wide range of events, conferences and to businesses.

Technology + Anthropology Conference, Bristol 2019

Brains, Bodies and Intelligence
Can we have intelligence without a body? If not, what does that mean for the development of AI and how we think about our relationships with it? In this talk, I explored the long history of mind-centric views of intelligence (and computing) and how an appreciation of the body shows the limits of what’s possible with AI.

EPIC, Rhode Island 2019

Distant cousins? Minds, Bodies and Machines
A keynote talk at EPIC, the premier international gather of anthropologists and researchers in industry.  I explored emerging theories and science that puts the body back into our conversation about intelligence and knowledge.

Technology + Anthropology Book Talk, July 2020

AI and the Body: In conversation with Simon Roberts
A meet-up talk on my book focusing on the implications of the idea of embodied knowledge on AI, robotics and conversational UI and bots.

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