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  1. Harry

    Apologies if this is a duplicate post, my computer crashed (Windows Vista!).
    I think Ruffer are a very good investment firm amongst many very bad firms and I have considered contacting them myself.
    Do you know of a firm called Full Circle who apparently made over 10% last year and who have an approach that seems to work in all conditions… but they do appear to be much smaller than Ruffer, which might be a concern. A good friend of mine uses Full Circle and she is a big fan.
    Now that cash is a waste of time I am considering asking someone like Ruffer or Full Circle to manage my nest egg. I would appreciate your comments. Harry.

  2. sinead

    You’re right, the financial institutions talk to us with smoke and mirrors. However, is it enough to put our money in the same kind of institutions, even though their chat is less dubious? all investment firms have problems, because they very things they buy and sell are in trouble.
    Should we not be thinking of another way altogether of retaining and adding value? Try an exercise in thinking about adding value and exchanging things we need in our lives, without thinking about money/cash. If our cash is being hammered, we will all need to add value and find other ways of exchanging it.

  3. simon roberts

    Harry – I wouldn’t get into the game of recommending one company over another…an individual’s circumstances and all that. That’s why most people offering advice actually get paid for it – within a bounded set of contexts they have knowledge to share (and charge for) – even if that knowledge is paid for by the client by buying products which the advisor is incentivized to sell to them.
    Sinead – have you seen http://www.zopa.com – this is something that I was obliquely involved in through conducting ethnographic research on money a few long years back with Bruce David – http://www.oikonomics.typepad.com/. This was conceived as something different, people lending to other people and borrowing from each other. It is getting lots of press right now since it provides great returns on money lent with low default rates – since anything you lend is spread out across a large number of borrowers.
    and for everything else there’s Mastercard.

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