This passage capturely wonderfully the networked media infused and supported parallel lives we (some) people live: 

"…consider that each medium represents a slightly different slice of the people I know and interact with. My landline is reserved for close friends, telemarketers (unintentionally) and long distance conversations.
My cell is primarily used to coordinate with my spouse, email is primarily for work ties and sharing novelties with my peers, Facebook is used as a social “third space” for friends and relatives. I use Twitter in a quasi-professional way to broadcast short life updates. I use instant messaging for emotional support at a distance and chatting with my spouse when I am on the road. And of course, my mailbox is used for greeting cards from my parents, in-laws and the occasional friend. Of these, only the landline and the mailbox are fixed to a specific place, while the remainder are tethered to signal, either wireless or cellular. And none of them offer a complete picture of my relationships, although some do better than others".