1. a. Originally (in form Mentor): a person who acts as guide and adviser to another person, esp. one who is younger and less experienced. Later, more generally: a person who offers support and guidance to another; an experienced and trusted counsellor or friend; a patron, a sponsor. (OED)


I may not exacly be a doyen of applied anthropology in commercial settings – and for sure I can think of people well qualified for that title – but I'm realising based on the more than occasional emails I get asking for advice that I might have some advice to offer. This, presumably, is based on some years of experience running a wee company called Ideas Bazaar (ULR now dead) and then packing this up to join Intel. Since then I've spoken in a variety of settings about what this involves, what I do, why I like it and why people reaching the end of their PhD should at least give it a thought.

Anyway, for that minute number of people who are both readers of this blog and anthropologists looking to escape academe (not that this academic – real world distinction is at all helpful, by the way) I am willing to help in whatever way I can to help you think about how to turn your skills and experience into:

(a) an attractive CV;

(b) work experience;

(c) a living

(d) ?

Take that as a formal offer or invitation – my ears are open. And if you are a reader of this but not a PhD anthropologist looking for something else to do – but know one that is – then do let them know.