There seems to be a growing recognition that copy is an essential aspect of an experience – be it on the web or another touchpoint. I liked this example from Dopplr, pointed out by Russell Davies, when they added a carbon calculator to the site. A simple reference to a well known phrase coincides, sweetly, with the information request that the interface requests. Erika Hall (Mule Design) makes this point eloquently in this presentation – Copy is Interface – in which she argues that words might well be the most important part of the interface. I was struck by these two examples of copy writing at Dublin Zoo – I think they speak brilliantly to both children and the children in adults visiting the zoo.



They are consistent with the fun of the place, they avoid the 'librarian' tone (Sshhh!) that can so dampen our experiences of such public places. To use Erika's five guidelines they are – authentic, engaging, specific, appropriate and polite. And the second sign has the potential to extend children's vocabulary creating a discreet learning experience.