I love this project, and not just because the artist responsible, Tom Phillips, focuses it on the area of London where we lived before moving to Ireland.

Every year on or around the same day (24th May – 2nd June) at the same time of day and from the same position a photograph is taken at each of the twenty locations on this map (see above) which is based on a circle of half a mile radius drawn around the place


Philiips produces a remarkable picture of a changing urban scene, he calls it a symphony, now running since 1972. In its simple but telling narration of the everyday it is a visual version of an approach madge and Harrison used in the Mass Obs project, getting volunteers to write intimate portraits of their day on the 12th of every month. (See this previous post).

In the same area, and via things magazine, I find a nice collage of Bellenden Road, SE15, a street a stones through from Talfourd Road, pictured above, for which local artist Anthony Gormley  created some street furniture.